Architect or Diplomat?

January 13, 2011

I was approached by a colleague after a recent architecture design meeting who remarked, “Wow, you are quite the diplomat!”, which made me stop and think. This is a common refrain we hear at client sites. While we believe our technical knowledge and experience enable us to bring significant value to clients, we rely just as heavily, if not more, on our diplomacy to broker architecture designs to conclusion. Creating a great design is just a piece of the architect’s puzzle. This led to some ruminations on an Enterprise Architect’s “soft skills” that are not directly related to core technology capabilities and some thoughts regarding architecture diplomacy.

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January 2, 2011

Hello. Welcome to the Systems Flow blog.

We are a unique boutique Information Technology firm with a primary focus on all the non-programming aspects of software delivery. Our team already has a strong track record leading successful large-scale, enterprise software deployments, combining a deep understanding of the process with a dedicated passion for improving best practices.

We launched this blog in order to share some of our knowledge, experiences, and challenges in this space. Over the years we have consistently brought software development projects to successful implementation using a core set of tools, techniques and approaches that we continue to refine on an ongoing basis. By sharing, we hope that you find them useful or at least thought-provoking, and we are eager for your comments and feedback.