Aligning Business Needs Across an Enterprise

October 22, 2018 |

Fulton Financial Corporation, a financial services company headquartered in Lancaster, PA, decided to invest in their commercial lending line of business and eliminate manual processes, streamline interdepartmental communication, and give lenders more time to do what they do best – engage with prospects and customers and solve business problems.

The entire commercial loan origination process, a source of frustration for Fulton’s lenders, was to be transformed into an end-to-end enterprise solution with goals to

  • Improve customer experience
  • Improve employee experience
  • Reinforce effective risk and controls
  • Increase operating efficiency

The challenge? Getting a diverse group of stakeholders, with their own priorities and pain points, to agree and compromise on an enterprise solution that would adhere to a realistic scope and timeline. Systems Flow stepped in with an answer.

There were 3 key things to understand, define and document:

  1. Project Scope and Current/Future States: Understand the present environment and all expectations
  2. Business Requirements: Define and document needs, problems and expectations
  3. Solution Design: Design a solution that ensured business-technology alignment

Ready now? To achieve visible value and sustainable results?
Systems Flow can help.
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Systems Flow

uses an organic strategic approach that > focuses on analysis, architecture, and leadership > flexes methodologies to fit your need > applies best-practice tools and methods > blends strategic business thinking with practical application of technology


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