Who We’ve Helped

We specialize in bridging the gap between technology and business. And we’ve shared that knowledge and experience with organizations in the financial and health industries as well as higher education and global non-profits — helping them to uncover technology challenges, maximize investment, and achieve business success.

The Need for Business Intelligence Reporting at Merchants Bank

Business Intelligence is key to successful management of risk. Learn how we helped Merchants Bank effectively monitor potential fraud, and meet BSA and AML regulatory guidelines with timely transparent transaction and alert reporting.

Understanding Lincoln’s Application Portfolio

Technology portfolio assessments provide much needed clarity to an organization’s decisions in investment and operations of software tools and infrastructure. The portfolio assessment challenge typically falls not in the software tools themselves (though software has its own set of issues), but in arrival at mutual agreement amongst various IT teams and business teams on assessment approach and methodology.

In this portfolio assessment arena, Systems Flow has experience. Learn how we helped Lincoln Financial Group address business and technology need with a feature-rich application assessment solution and roadmap — based on solid business requirements, understanding of the technology landscape, and a cohesive implementation plan.

Leveraging IT Strategy to Foster Business Growth at Regis College

When Regis College sought to implement their growth strategy through targeted IT investments, we worked with stakeholders across its campus to understand their technology challenges and guide funding decisions. Learn how we helped turn an IT investment headache into an actionable 5-year technology roadmap.

Effective Fraud Detection at Fulton Financial

Fraud risk managers navigate strict government regulations and watch for potential triggers for money-laundering and fraud. Their job is to protect their institution from financial and legal harm and also comply with US and international law. To ensure they succeed in this mission, an holistic view of fraud monitoring data is crucial.

At Fulton Financial Corporation, risk managers had a host of fraud monitoring tools and databases. However, to monitor fraud across the enterprise, those multiple disparate systems resulted in labor-intensive manual manipulation of numerous data sets in huge static spreadsheets.

Our expertise in optimizing business systems and processes transformed Fulton’s reporting burden into an automated fraud risk information management solution, that, in turn, provided seamless views into risk across the enterprise and its many data sources.

Automating Lincoln’s Business Processes

Process automation can streamline key business functions and optimize operations and project implementations. In Lincoln Financial Group’s intelligent automation efforts, our solution architecture expertise brought relief, efficiency, and proactive planning to this enterprise initiative.

Learn how enterprise architecture evolved Lincoln’s business software development lifecycle, with diligent project evaluation, robust design criteria, architectural proposals, and UML practice.