Welcome to Our Investigative Architecture Training!

We are very busy right now, refining our Investigative Architecture Workshop scheduled for next month.

Investigative Architecture is the term we coined back in 2008 for our approach that facilitates the rapid assessment and documentation of ‘as-is’ and proposed IT architectures.

We developed this Investigative Architecture approach a decade ago in support of our enterprise and solution architecture consulting services. Success in any architecture engagement requires quickly sifting through a myriad of internal and external information sources at all levels of quality and completeness and rapidly converting this sea of information into useable knowledge. This, in turn, requires a repeatable, structured approach for gathering information from internal stakeholders and documents, as well as performing focused research for publicly- available product and industry information. We have applied this approach in order to understand hundreds of enterprise level solutions and have trained countless others to do the same.

This Investigative Architecture Workshop will build your skills in a workshop that is a balance of expert instruction and hands-on practice.

Here are some key aspects of the training:

  1. Sleuthing Skills – Where can you go for information? How do you detect the clues? What artifacts exist than can be leveraged? What is known? How do you know the right questions to ask? Our experienced trainers will offer some important observations and tips on how to go about tackling this task.
  2. Diagramming – Using the right diagrams makes the architecture clearer to everyone (including you) AND helps you ask the right questions. You will learn when to use which diagrams and the simple notations behind the diagrams, primarily UML-based. This is where the hands on aspect of the course will really kick in!
  3. Listen, Learn, and Do – The blend of teaching, case studies, and hands on exercises will help ensure you remember it all when you take your sharpened skills back to your enterprise.

This training has something to offer individuals possessing all levels of experience, from highly advanced practitioners looking to add another tool to their tool-belt, to developers looking to learn more about IT architecture and/or architecture diagramming.

To learn more, read some of our Investigative Architecture blog articles or review some presentations we have given on the topic.

Register today or contact training@sysflow.com with any questions.


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