Traceability 101

February 8, 2012

You’re the project manager of a large project and from a requirements perspective it looks like everything is on track for success:

  • Business Requirements. Written and Approved. Check.
  • Functional Requirements. Written and Approved. Check.

Seems like everything is covered. Except… where’s your traceability matrix? You have one, right? Read more

The Venn of IT Solution Success

December 27, 2011

Changing technology in an enterprise requires that you have the following “must have” skills in your people:

  1. Leadership & organization
  2. Business acumen
  3. Technical chops

Normally, labor in a project is divided up according to these specialties – i.e. developers have the technical chops, business analysts have the business chops, project managers organize themselves and everyone else. Throw them all into a pot, stir vigorously and…presto! A successful project.

Hardly. Read more