What We Do

We help organizations incrementally and tactically eliminate risk by guiding adoption of appropriate techniques. We do this by leveraging proven industry standards and decades of collective experience. Each of our consultants possesses strong client-facing skills, hands-on business experience, broad best-practices experience, deep technical knowledge, and visual modeling expertise.

Management Consulting

  • Practical implementation of strategic vision and theoretical best practices
  • Educate and mentor industry-standard best practices and visual modeling techniques
  • Augment existing processes with modeling
  • Provide thought leadership and change management

Enterprise Architecture Vision & Strategy

  • Assess Enterprise Architecture maturity
  • Identify and promote benefits of Enterprise Architecture specific to an organization
  • Tailor and implement industry Enterprise Architecture frameworks (e.g., TOGAF, Zachman, FEAF, TEAF)
  • Guide Enterprise Architecture development
  • Define architectural principles, styles, and standards
  • Define organizational structure

Enterprise Architecture Execution

  • Establish Enterprise Architecture repository
  • Align Enterprise Architecture execution with Enterprise strategy
  • Define and introduce Enterprise Architecture consulting practices
  • Define and model system architectures
  • Assess architectural risks and identify improvement opportunities
  • Create reusable frameworks based on industry-standard patterns

Business Alignment

  • Facilitate Business Process Modeling sessions
  • Model AS-IS and TO-BE business processes
  • Educate and mentor business process modeling
  • Assess business capabilities

Software Development Guidance

  • Assess software development practices
  • Tailor and implement software development life cycles (e.g., Rational Unified Process, SCRUM, XP)
  • Identify opportunities to introduce best practices throughout the development life cycle
  • Educate and mentor industry-standard software development methodologies and practices
  • Mentor and lead object-oriented analysis and design
  • Evaluate vendor development capabilities
  • Guide adoption of agile development practices

Software Development Lifecycle Execution

  • Facilitate requirement workshops and design sessions
  • Lead model-driven development projects
  • Provide analysis and visual modeling
  • Develop functional and technical specifications
  • Perform object-oriented analysis and design
  • Assess complex software designs