Open Group 2012: Cannes

We are excited to be presenting at the upcoming Open Group Conference this April in Cannes, France!

The Open Group introduces this conference as a forum to “… gain the tools and knowledge you need to introduce meaningful Enterprise Transformation:”

“Enterprise Transformation is increasingly bringing the IT organization together with the operations and functional parts of the enterprise to make real and sustainable change. At this conference we will hear how it is being addressed by the people involved in these activities and from industry leading experts; providing ample opportunities for networking and discussing the challenges and opportunities with the speakers and other attendees

Jim Hosey will be presenting on the topic of Assessing Architectural Significance:

“Knowing when and where to engage an architect is a critical factor in successfully managing an IT portfolio, particularly in organizations where architects are scarce — and often expensive — resources. Many times it is clear which projects would benefit from the participation of an architect; in other cases, the decision is not so obvious. In these not-so-obvious cases, a structured means of assessing a project’s architectural significance is key.

This instructional session presents a lightweight, flexible set of techniques and guidelines for assessing the architectural significance of a project to aid in determining when to engage an architect. Using real-world examples, we will demonstrate these techniques and their application, and will explore how they can be tailored to fit IT organizations of different sizes and with various portfolio mixes.”

We hope to see you in Cannes! If not, be sure to follow our twitter musings as the conference unfolds.


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