Open Group 2012: San Francisco

November 27, 2011 | ,

We are excited to be presenting at the upcoming Open Group Conference next January in San Francisco. According to the Open Group, the conference “…will focus on the role played by IT and EA within Enterprise Transformation.”

“Through practical learning opportunities based on real-life experiences and case studies, attendees at the Conference will have the opportunity to gain a valuable insight into:

  • The differences between EA and Enterprise Transformation, and how they relate to one another
  • The use of EA to facilitate Enterprise Transformation
  • How EA can be used to create a foundation for Enterprise Transformation that the board and business-line managers can understand and use to their advantage
  • How EA facilitates transformation within IT, and how does such transformation support the transformation of the enterprise as whole
  • How EA can help the enterprise successfully adapt to ‘disruptive technologies’ like Cloud Computing and ubiquitous mobile access.”


We have blogged previously on our corporate stance regarding the value of conferences, and we are very pleased to have been asked to contribute to this one.

I will be presenting another chapter in our Investigative Architecture canon, Investigative Architecture: Understanding Systems in a Business Context:

“A foundational skill for an architect is the capability to rapidly assess and document “as is” and proposed architecture and communicate clearly to business partners. A carefully scoped and formatted diagram is a powerful vehicle for clear communication. A specific diagram – the business context view – provides a rapid method to describe a solution in business language. This instructional session presents concrete techniques and structured rules of thumb to guide the development of business context views at both the enterprise and solution level. We will walk through a case study in order to illustrate the techniques, and present strategies to map to and from other types of views within Systems Flow’s core set of “Investigative Architecture” diagrams, which we presented at previous Open Group conferences.”

We are also collaborating on a presentation with some client colleagues on the power of Infographics for “selling up,” Using Infographics to Communicate Architecture:

“Successful communication to non-technical CxO level decision makers is a critical aspect of any enterprise transformation. A multi-pronged approach consisting of metrics, supporting facts, and “eye candy” targets both the rational and emotional sides of your audience. This presentation shares a case study of a large, global enterprise and its recent experience with infographics as a powerful vehicle for successfully selling change.”

We hope you will join us in San Francisco! At the very least we expect it to transform our weather, if only for a week…

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