Open Group Austin – Day 2 Roundup

July 20, 2011 |

It was another day of thought-provoking and instructive information exchange at the Open Group Austin conference day 1. Here are the highlights from our perspective:

  • El Jefe joined us today – a bit late but eager to get in on the (as he puts it) IT Architecture Mayhem. Our four orange Systems Flow shirts make us resemble a roving band of Gossamers.
  • Business Architecture & Business Analysis was the most attended track:
    • Kevin Daley & Dave van Gelder reviewed the recent output of the Open Group’s Business Architecture Working Group, and invited feedback from the audience. Debate was at times intense – even contentious. It all points to Business Architecture being the obvious “next big thing” in Enterprise Architecture. We were of course front-and-center in the twitter discussion.
    • Some interesting points were made about the impending (in the opinion of some) turf war between Business Analysis and IT Architecture professionals over who owns “Business Architecture”, and whether there’s any real difference between it and “Strategic Planning”, etc.
  • Data Architecture & Data Quality got special treatment today, in addition to yesterday with a review of the Universal Data Element Framework. In a nutshell – the framework is both a universal data model, but also a framework for creating integratable/interoperable information models by applying structured, common sense normalization. Adoption is still very low but promises to pick up, if Oracle has anything to do with it.
  • Secure Cloud Computing challenges were put into plain-speak by Brandon Dunlap. He told several sobering stories of his current clients and former employers – and highlighted some equally sobering survey results – illustrating how far SaaS providers have to take their security programs for organizations to trust them to handle critical applications.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Ben Sommer’s presentation in the EA Frameworks & Tools track.

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