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We are happy to announce that we will be presenting again at the Open Group Conference, this year in Beantown, July 21-22. We will be presenting in the Health Care track with a colleague, Al Zannini, Director of Architecture and Design at Blue Cross Blue Shield of RI. Al and I will be sharing our journey to re-launch an Enterprise and Solution architecture capability, but more on that later…

The theme of this conference is “How new IT trends are empowering improvements in business.
From the Open Group Website…

This conference will explore how new IT trends are empowering improvements in business. We’ll learn how industry organizations are seeking large-scale transformation and some of the paths they’re taking to realize that. We’ll also explore how cross-organizational collaboration and trends such as big data and cloud computing are helping to make enterprises more responsive and efficient.

Technology trends and disruptions are themes we are seeing across our client sites and we look forward to sharing our perspective with others and learning from them at this gathering.  We definitely recommend you find time (and budget) to attend some industry conferences (see “Not Your Grandmother’s Boondoggle” for details), and we typically find the Open Group conferences in particular interesting and informative.

Our talk is at 2pm on Tuesday in the study (Al will bring the candlestick). The “official” topic is Implementing an Enterprise & Solution Architecture Capability at a Health Care Insurer.  The abstract:

This is a case study of re-launching an Enterprise and Solution Architecture practice at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island. It will review a multi-year journey to build capability both upward toward managing from a more enterprise perspective and downward to formalize the practice of designing and implementing solutions in order to streamline the road to production. This transformation took place on the heels of a migration to a new core processing platform and over the course of the enormous architecture challenges presented by Health Care Reform, thus requiring a careful and incremental roll out so as not to impact any regulatory deliverables. The study will highlight the common challenges of building capability while juggling the typical workload of mission critical activities, and share some strategies for being successful.

Blah, blah, blah… (I know – conference speak!)  In summary, we will be sharing tips, tricks, and lessons learned while establishing new architecture governance and delivery processes and building internal capability in the architecture team at Blue Cross, an organization facing many of the same challenges as yours!  A 40 minute performance starring… Investigative Architecture™

Hope to see you are there!  If you make it, stop by for a chat: we’d love to hear about your challenges are share any insights we may have.  If you are unable to attend, tune into our twitter feed for highlights or drop us an email at to learn how we can help your architecture practice.


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